On the 6th: Yamaha Grand Prix Race to Global Greatness

6th Yamaha Grand Prix

As the Philippines continue to race to global greatness as far as macroeconomic indicator performances are concerned, so is the racing industry.

On March 29, 2015, The Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH)  gathered together at the SM City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna  to hold  for the 6th time, the Yamaha Grand Prix 6 (YPG6), the country’s most prestigious racing competition.

Yamaha Philippines

Yamaha Grand Prix 6


Yamaha Grand Prix 6 Riders

The event aimed to discover local talents that aspire to become super riders one day, via their participation to the ASEAN Cup race.  The racing categories for this year were:

  • Automatic Inter-Club Race
  • Underbone Inter-Club Race
  • 115 Superstock AT
  • Vega Force 1 SS
  • Sniper 150 Open 1B
  • 130 Open UB
  • Mio 125 MXi

“The skills and abilities of local riders are on the rise, and with their showing in the international competition, it would be something to look forward to and Yamaha believes and supports local riders in their pursuit of a greater goal that is driven by their passion,” said Jordan Cornista, YMPH Motorsports Head. He also discussed that apart from reaching the ASEAN Cup race, Filipino riders are also able to compete on a global scale and reach the MOTO2.

Yamaha R15

YZF-R-15 Colors

The event also featured an all-FI competition that showcases Yamaha’s innovative technology and state-of-the-art models. Happening alongside the 6th Grand Prix was the official launched of the YZF-R-15, which is a part of the R-series category. Vingie Coloma and Masato Fernando of the Team Philippines’ ASEAN Cup were lucky enough to spin it around and appreciate what it features.

Yamaha GP6 Winners

More Yamaha Grand Prix 6 Photos here!

But don’t fret, friends, because the YPG6 is expected to set foot in several regions across the Philippines in the coming months, so expect to see more of this.

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