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Are you tired of the usual dishes you cook or eat in food chains that surround the Metro today? Are restaurants in the south such as Tagaytay or the north such as Pampanga getting even more crowded? If so, why not explore something different?  Why not head Eastward? Within  Angono in Rizal 30 kilometers east of Manila, there exists  Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art.

Adobong Puso ng Saging


More Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant Photos here

In 1982 by spouses Perdigon N. Vocalan an Angono Artist and Luzvimin L. Vocalan, a former high school teacher, started serving classic Filipino dishes such as “sinigang,” utilizing various native fish like kanduli, hito, and dalag, which is one of their recommended dishes. While the Balaw Balaw is home to the authentic Filipino cuisine cooked in traditional way, however, it is also known for its exotic Filipino dishes. Some of these are fresh wood worms “uok”,  fried crickets,“sinabawang balut” and dishes with frogs, snails and the very popular Soup No.5 made up of cow’s balls.

Beyond food, however, Balaw Balaw also features  100 paintings of famous folk artist, primarily the late Perdigon Vocalan as displayed in the museum. There were also features of several artists influenced by National Artist Carlos Botong Francisco.  There were also wood art carvings and the “higantes” that were used  during fluvial town fiesta every November 23rd.

More Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant Photos here

These works of art has made Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Arts a top option when you are searching for the best place to eat in Angono, or where to eat in Angono Rizal, and the place to visit when you are in Rizal. Certainly among the reasons why Rizal is dubbed as art capital in the Philippines.  Other top restaurants in Angono, Rizal such as “Nag New Mo,” “Atelier” also carryrestaurant concept that promotes the culture and traditions of Angono by way of their food and art work.


Ang New Mo

 Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant Address:

11 don justo dona justa village Angono Rizal
Angono Rizal 1930 Philippines

 Official Website here

 Hours of operation:

10 am to 10 pm

Contact No: 02 6510110

Email address:

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