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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

With more than 3.1 million people living in Negros Occidental, of which Bacolod City comprises almost four million now, it is inevitable to spread out elsewhere in the country or even overseas.

The 2010 census showed that of the 1,858,187 household population comprising 10 years old and over in Negros Occidental, 1.2 percent (or 22,591 persons) were overseas workers.  I am sure it must have increased dramatically 4 years after, and likewise the Negrosanons who are working in other places. We can only imagine that these also foretell of the number of people who will be having a vacation or going home once in a while. That includes me and my family, since my wife and I are both from Negros.

Bacolod Baywalk

We’d always have few purposes in having a vacation:

 1.)   spend time with family and friends

 2.)   eat Ilonggo dishes we have missed

 3.)   rest from a busy life working in Metro;

 4.)   see new place abroad, if we’d get extra blessed

With all the activities and new promising and beautiful places to see in the provinces, I am sure two weeks now will not be enough. We have one independent and 12 component cities,  19 municipalities and 601 barangays. Each has its own city/municipal’s festival and events. Usually, we schedule vacations around special family events like graduations and reunions. December has been the norm because it usually is the only month where we have lots of long holidays.

Campuestuhan Highland Resort

Indian Village – Campuestuhan

Our friends posted photos in social media like facebook taken during their vacation in the province. That gives us clues as to the places that are worth checking out for. It is better to plan it well so that you can maximize your time and resources well. There lots of things to consider because most of the time, these places require long road trips. If you would like to use a private vehicle, I suggest an SUV so that it can fit as many  family members and friends.

Bonista – Escalante

Little Jungle- Cadiz City

Punta Bulata – Cauayan

In our two weeks’ vacation, we saw some of these beautiful places in Negros, although we missed some of them because of the unfavorable weather. There are classic restaurants that I always want to visit every time I am in the province, and they include the likes of Manukan Country, Pala-pala, Sharyn’s Cansi house, Enting’s of Sagay City and Ampol of Kabankalan City.

Perth Beach Resort -Sipalay

Nataasan Beach Resort – Sipalay

We were able to see Campuestohan Highland resort in Talisay City and there are lots of ways to get there now. Luckily, the roads are almost  done all the way up to the resort that even cars can now be used there. We also dropped by Bonista Beach Resort in Brgy Buenavista, Escalante City. Compared to before, the road is not that bad anymore. Punta Bulata White Beach Resort & Spa in Municipality of Cauayan, Beautiful Sipalay beach resorts like Nataasan Beach Resort & Dive Center and Perth Beach Resorts are also some of the resorts we saw.  There’s also the swimming pool near our place such as the Little Jungle in Cadiz City. What I really regret is that I missed a lot of opportunity to see again the pride of Sagay City, such as the Carbin Reef and the Suyac Island Mangrove Eco-Park.

Bacolod Baywalk Carting

Bacolod Government Center

More Negros Occidental Point of Interest Photo here

We had a great time carting in Bacolod Baywalk and saw some of the places in Bacolod City like their Government Center. I have also dropped by the Ruins during our previous visit. I know there are still a lot to visit not only places that I visited before as there are new places  there now.

Visit the Province website.  Under their Tourism section, you will see the cities and municipalities with tourism’s historical and cultural attractions such as Nature, Adventure and Eco-Tourism sites and interest. Indeed, two weeks will not be enough but for the mean time, have a look at these places one at a time and make your vacation in the province more memorable one.

One more thing: wherever you go, go with all your heart.  See our beautiful Province and I’m sure you won’t regret every the chance you take to be there.

Bucket List Place to go: Negros Occidental Point of Interest

Bacolod City Point of Interest

Provincial Capitol Building
Bacolod City Hall
Capitol Park and Lagoon
Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club
Panaad Park and Stadium
Goldenfield Commercial Complex-Casino and Nightlife
San Sebastian Cathedral/Bishop’s Palace
ANP Negros Showroom
Sta. Clara Chapel
Sta. Fe Resort
Palmas del Mar Village Resort

To be Continued….

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