TREVISO – Gateway to nearby Venice


Savoring Italy: A blend of Treviso and Venice

Travel impressions through lovers’ eyes

Part 1 TREVISO – (Gateway to nearby Venice)

by Danette Garcia-De Brael

For travellers  who come as couples, Treviso is a perfect place to stay in Italy especially when we are concerned about maximizing visual pleasure without necessarily having to pay more. While not as famous and glamorous as Venice, Treviso is, in its own right, is a very charming and well-off town surrounded by a number of attractions. This includes cafes, authentic Italian restaurants, museums, ancient architectures, and yes, much of its townscape is spelled with rivers and canals. No wonder, many people mistakenly call it as “Venice Treviso” as the place offers a “discreet” resemblance of its neighbour Venice.

Transportation-wise, Treviso has its own airport served by budget airline Ryanair. This is certainly back-to-back good news for tourists. Trains, buses and taxi’s also abound so one can reach his desired destination in no time.

While being a prosperous town, the hotels and restaurants in Treviso are generally cheaper than in Venice, but are of comparable quality and excellent customer service. It is definitely comfortable and pleasant to simply walk around, to enjoy the place and have a romantic dinner because the place is not overloaded with tourists or bullying travel-guides.

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3 things to do when in  Treviso:

1) Visit the Town Centre and its historical square- This is only 5 to 10-minute walk  from the railway station. You can explore many places just by walking around. Check out the old town walls, visit the historical Palazzo dei Trecento, parks  and  museums, or drop by the Treviso’s tourist information office in the little Piazza Monte di Pietà (just behind Piazza dei Signori).

Just a practical tip : Italy has “siesta hours” . Many stores are closed on lunch time up to 2pm or even 3:30pm.

2) Enjoy a romantic “Italian” experience– Be sure to taste authentic Italian cuisines over a drink of your favorite Italian wine. Let the “savouring” experience linger – try the Italian espresso with a homemade dessert on the side. Or, have a “gelato” as dessert. Gelato is the italian word for “ice cream”; it’s a type of soft ice-cream which is more dense, creamier and more intense in taste than ordinary ice-cream.

My husband and  I have a favorite spot in  Piazza dei Signori : Da Pino Restaurant! This restaurant offers “Great Food, Great Place, Great Service and Great Value”  in the real sense of the word. One can enjoy its tasty, fresh and hot stone-baked Italian pizzas while sitting outside and enjoying the stunning views of the square.

3) Shop or “windowshop” at you favorite brand’s store – Men may not agree but surely for women, shopping (or window-shopping) can be relaxing.  You can shop —  or window shop if you simply want to feed your curiosity — at the sprawling  stores of popular brands. Why not visit the home of the empire Benetton (it’s largest store), which is just behind the Palazzo dei Trecento?

Venice (The city for Lovers)

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