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In the Philippines, it is common to be faced with either choices when getting away for holiday: do we want to hit the Mountains or Beaches? Do we want to head South or North?

Swimming Pool

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When we go North-bound, Subic is our top-of-mind for many reasons. For instance, it is just within 2-3 hours car drive from Metro Manila, and already it can give you access to the wildlife, the jungle safari,  and since land-based and air-based animals can roam freely on the streets, the Department of Health has been implementing a ban on firecrackers in Subic (along with Clark). Thus, we can still get away from the noise of Dec 31 firecrackers when in Subic.

Two Bed Room Villa

Living room



Masters Bed Room

More Photos of Subic Homes here

This place also boasts of its beautiful beaches, and yes, lots of imported goods from Duty Free shops abound and they haunt you of the times when the United States BASES were still in the Philippines.

Four Bed Room Villa


Living Room


Maste4rs Bed Room

More Photos of Subic Homes here

Subic is like a second home to our family especially during the early 80s, because we have an aunt who married to an American and they used to live near Binictican Drive along with their 4 children. We would visit them at least twice a year, and I could still see myself playing in one of the playgrounds along Binictican Drive together with my cousins.

Today, American-style houses have remained to be familiar scene, although this time, they were converted to villas for rent as most of the Americans, along with our dear relatives, went back to the United States.

Vacation Villas at Subic Homes are among these houses, and I find the sight of these to be personally nostalgic. My family and I have been here twice, especially when we spend the holiday with our close relatives, when the mood strikes for home cooking, baking and roasting and if we prefer to stay indoors. After all, the unit has Wi-fi for those who can’t put down their phones even on holidays.

Subic Home Map

Located at Lanzones St. in Binictican Drive, Subic Bay Freeport, Vacation Villas at Subic Homes have a minimum of 2 bedrooms (good for 7 people) to a maximum 4 bedrooms (good for 12 persons) excluding a room at the ground floor for maid/driver.

Each unit has centralized aircon and provided with a complete set of cooking and dining facilities that are good for 6 persons. At the back of the living room is an open area that is perfect for midnight snacking and doing your barbecue over catch-up talks with loved ones.

Check in time is at 2:00PM and check out time is at 12:00 noon. Rates vary by peak vs. non-peak seasons, weekday vs. weekend.

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