2015 Trans Sport Show- WipeOut


May 15-17, 2015 marked the 24th Trans Sport Show held at the World Trade Center.

During these dates, car dealers and enthusiasts gather together and continue the tradition of automotive restoration excellence and heritage for one of the country’s longest running automotive event.

Aurelio – The First Filipino Supercar

More Photos of 2015 Trans Sport Show -Cars and Models here

The Trans Sport Show showcases new car models that have been modified and upgraded along with vintage cars. If you are into customization or simply appreciate the activity just like me and my son, then this is a car show for you.

World Trade Center Pasay City Philippines

In this event, people who  wish to see their dream car modified can be satisfied seeing beautiful models as results. To put it in a quote: “All human males were as fascinated with cars as they were with breasts.” ― Anita Clenney

Wipeout Auto Craft

We all love our own cars and I am no exception. It is safe to say that we are all proud when we ride in a car that shines and  is clean both on exterior and interior aspects.

Porsche 550

1967 VW Kombi

I first met my friend Japs of Wipeout AutoCraft when i asked for his help through car detailing service. My challenge for him was to make our 10-year old Toyota Revo look brand new, and his team did exactly that. Since then, his shop has been my most trusted shop that I would turn to when it comes to car detailing and even painting jobs.

Inside 1967 VW Kombi

More Photos of 2015 Trans Sport Show – Cars and Models here

Wipeout is a regular exhibitor at the Transport Show and almost all of the car shows in the Philippines. That’s why it’s no wonder that I met him again in the show during the first day that i visited the car show. In his shop, you will be surprised what he could do for those cars that were displayed on their booth especially the 1967 Volkswagen Kombi.  It’s the same ‘wow factor’ as when my friend saw our Revo when it was repainted again.

With Wipeout achievement in various car show competitions in the country, it is no wonder why the team can make anyone’s car from good to great looking.



Latest Car Show

  1. Classic Toyota Club 2015 – 1st place “LandCruiser”  Camp Aguinaldo
  2. Manila International Auto Show 2014 – Best kit car Porsche 550  World Trade Center
  3. Transport Show 2014 – Best Nostalgic Performance 1968 Mustang  Mall of Asia
  4. Gears & Pinion Car Show 2014 –  Overall Champion Best of Show Best Two Door Best Porsche Best Custom Best EUDM Best Vintage Most Spectacular Display  UP Diliman
  5. Manila Auto Salon 2014 – 2nd place Resto-Mod, 3rd Place Resto-Mod  Mall of Asia
  6. VW Club Philippines 2014 1st place 34 Karmann Ghia  1st place Beetle

Wipeout Entries with wins (TSS,PNMS and MAS)


  1. 1950 VW Beetle – Best Vintage Sedan
  2. 1966 Porsche 356a – Best Vintage Sports
  3. 1972 Toyota Celica – 2’nd Place 70’s Sports

2.) Trans Sport Show 2012

  1. 1966 Karman Ghia – Best Vintage
  2. 1961 Porsche 356- 2’nd Place Vintage
  3. 1969 Karmann Ghia Type34 – 3rd Place Vintage

3.) Philippine Nostalgic Motor Show 2011

  1. 1969 VW Beetle – 3rd Place  Resto MOD

4.) Trans Sport Show  2010

  1. 1974 VW Super Beetle- 3rd  Place Classic

5.) Manila Auto Salon 2012

  1. 1966 VW Beetle – Best Tuner Vintage
  2. 1958 VW Karmann Ghia – 2nd Place Tuner Vintage

6.) Manila Auto Salon 2011

  1. 1958 Volkswagen Karmann  Ghia -Best Vintage
  2. 1969 VW Beetle -2nd Vintage
  3. 1966 VW Karmann Ghia -3rd Vintage

7.) Manila Auto Salon 2010

  1. 1961 VW Karmann Ghia – Best Vintage
  2. 550 Spyder – 3rd place extreme custom

WipeOut AutoCraft

No. 22 Bayani Road Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City


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